Getting to know Feedly…

This previous week in ECMP 355 we were introduced to Feedly. At first I had no idea what Feedly was. But after exploring for myself what it was I came to the realization that Feedly is like an organizer for all your blogs that you follow. It shows all their feeds in one place. Throughout this course we have been asked to do so much with technology such as ePortfolios, twitter and now Feedly. It’s been very overwhelming since i am not to technologically inclined. But i am here and i am ready to learn.

Since Feedly is new to me amongst many other things in this class i just simply followed the directions i was given and went ahead with that. I did get stumped a few times so i turned to my friendly buddy YOUTUBE. Youtube is one resource i always use to help me figure things out with technology. After watching the video i simply tried and manoeuvred my way around Feedly for the first time.

When choosing my blogs I simply picked topics that I thought applied to me and my interests. First I of course began with education. After that i picked the picked the blogs in which i found interesting. For picking each blog to follow i simply looked into each one and quickly read over a few articles. Once i got the hang out it i pick a bunch more.
Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.58.35 PM


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