Preparation is the key to success…

Well my journey with sewing continues. This week is where all my preparation begins. To start I searched for the exact quilt I wanted too create. Through my search I ended up choosing a fluffy quilt. Which includes a little more work considering you have to stuff each square. I found my inspiration for this quilt on the internet of course.

Photo Credit: ShannonFabrics via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ShannonFabrics via Compfight cc

Once I chose my quilt it was time to actually use my machine. Since I’ve only learned how to thread my machine I thought I better educate myself on how to sew now. So I of course turned to Youtube. On there I found a video of some of the popular stitches that are used when sewing. This video was perfect and very educational. But I was no where near ready to begin this sewing journey. I had to try some stitches out for myself.

So I searched for an old piece of fabric and started to familiarize myself with all the different stitches I could make. Here’s what I got:


Now that I was familiar with all the stitches it was time to start practising how to exactly sew fabric together. So I began with a couple different shapes. I’ll admit it was a little tricky to manoeuvre around each shape and get an even stitch all the way. But after enough squares, circles and hearts I think I mastered it. Here check it out:)

Now I’m so excited to start actually creating my cute and cuddly quilt:D


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