Capturing the Spirit of Open, Networked & Participatory Communities in Our Learning Environments…


I think to do this we need to show student openness in the classroom. This is usually done in ways such as having students do group work/projects, working in pairs and deciding on things as a large group. This gives students a great idea of what an open community is. It gives them a feeling of being needed and also to need others. Which is what you need in order to be part of a web community.
In today’s society most students know how to operate multiple forms of technology. Which is very helpful towards the teacher. As the teacher you can incorporate many different forms of technology into your lessons, but you must first and most importantly make sure that you yourself are familiar with it. You must help students come up with a set of appropriate guidelines when using technology. Using technology such as twitter, classroom blogs and Edmodo is a great way for students to work freely and interact with others. It is important that a teacher promotes the use of technology in the class. Like allowing students to bring their laptop, iPad etc.

I believe that with technology becoming a major part of everyones lives its important to show students how you can use these amazing education resources to connect with others. It shows them a whole new world of exploring things with others.


2 thoughts on “Capturing the Spirit of Open, Networked & Participatory Communities in Our Learning Environments…

  1. Alec Couros (@courosa) says:

    Many teachers actually take on the opinion that they don’t need to know the technologies first, and in fact, it’s best to have the kids learn the tech and teach the teachers. What would you think about that approach in some cases? I’d like to hear more what you think as it’s a popular view but you seem to think different. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


    • chelsruss says:

      I think that it may be a very effective approach. If the type of technology the teacher is incorporating isn’t to complex. I say this because if a teacher was going to incorporate say digital storytelling that would be something interesting and easy for a teacher to learn along with students. I think that simply not having time to stop and think about the type of technology gives students and the teacher a challenge. It’s almost as if the piece of technology is more so second nature rather than something that has to be learnt. It would be effective in the classroom in the way that children would be excited to explore something new and learn along with the teacher. The particular assignment or such would be more interesting to the student when the technology doesn’t feel like another same old part of the a students learning process. Always having to listen to what the teacher says. This way they get to explore on their own and teach the teacher as well.


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