I’m Sew Excited:)

Well this is where the magic happens. All my basic learning was complete so now I must sew. So next was to start with all the preparation. Which in this case was to start with all the cutting of over 30 squares of material in each colour. Making sure they were all in similar size and shape and of course figuring out the pattern I wanted my quilt to have.

So first off I had to make a actually difficult decision on what size of squares I wanted to use on my quilt. so i ended up using 6” by 6”. I needed some sort of guideline so I grabbed an old piece of cardboard and cut that exact size of square that I would need for a stencil. I laid out my fabric and started to stencil the squares on my fabric. In each row I got three squares which resulted in 90 squares all together. But after numerous hours spent on cutting squares I got to the fun part of figuring out the design of my quilt.

So I laid all 90 squares of material down on my floor and started placing pieces of fabric everywhere. I tried to figure out a pattern scheme to go with, but in the end I just went with what I thought looked good.

This part of my learning experience was very repetitive and required a lot of patience. Cutting fabric really gets obnoxious, but it is one of the most curtail parts of the process. If your squares and shapes aren’t the same size then the whole pattern and look of the quilt will be off. But overall the fun part was placing the fabric for my quilt in my desired pattern:)

Here check out my video:)

The music in the video is by an amazing country artist Kalsey Kulyk!


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