Media Smarts!

Well through this last weeks session in class we talked about a very neat and interesting website that is now open to all Saskatchewan teachers. When I first thought about what this website would be about I thought something along the lines of an interesting and new approach to teaching children the smarts behind all types of media.

By the definition of MediaSmarts I’d say I was pretty spot on. This is a great website fulls of helpful resources that relate to issues such as media issues like gender representation, marketing and consumerism and also digital issues like online hate and privacy.

The first section I decided to explore was My World. I found this really interesting and an neat way of learning about the safety’s of the internet. My word is like an online course that teaches students about digital literacy through a matter of four chapters. It contains neat things such as Intantmail which help students understand the importance behind their emails. Another is Spaceface which is pretty much like a safer version of Facebook. Spaceface lets you see what your friends are doing and interact with one another. All the sites on My World are simulated sites that are used for helping students learn.

I think there is an endless amount of ways I could incorporate this into my teaching. I think I would definitely use this in a computer class by having students complete all of the chapters to help educate themselves on the necessary precautions to take while using the web.


If you have used MediaSmarts in your classroom I would love to hear how:)




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