Glueing My Way To Victory…

Well these last couple weeks have been somewhat of a blur! Between sewing my quilt and creating my Halloween costume I managed to complete the most challenging step through my learning process. That just happened to be placing each individual square with its partner and sewing them together. Talk about a difficult task.

Every time I’d place the two squares together they would look perfect. That is until I actually started to sew them together. Once the sewing took place thats when everything fell apart. The fabric started to slip and move around and I was getting more and more frustrated each time I ripped the stitches out and tried again.

Eventually I did end up taking a break because I was just getting irritated. So I decided that I wouldn’t work on it anymore today since I was getting no where. So I put it on hold until tomorrow.

The next day arrived and it was time to take a shot at it again. So before I started I decided to stop by fabric land and get some expert advice. I told them my problem and they suggested I try a bit of fabric glue. So I picked up my bottle of fabric glue and headed home. I was so eager to try this new method out. So I pulled out my sewing machine and away I went.

I started and everything was going great. The fabric glue really worked. I couldn’t believe how simple it became with just a couple dots of glue. Everything held in it’s place so I could finally make a perfect stitch.

Needless to say this was definitely the most challenging task I had with this learning experience. But once I figured out a neat little trick (fabric glue) it started to come together.


Here is a video showing my progress:)


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