1.  All students deserve a teacher who believes in their potential.

2.  All students should be encouraged.

3. There should be creativity brought into the curriculum. 

4. To provide student with a safe an supportive learning environment.

5. I strive to make a environment that all families and students from different cultural background feel welcomed and accepted. 

6. To take into consideration the interests of students and incorporate it into their learning.

7. To introduce different forms of technology into the classroom.

8. To teach my students but also to learn from them.

9. To give each student the space and opportunity to grow.

10. I believe in group work.

11. To have a close relationship with each students and their families.

12. I believe that ever child deserves respect. 


One thought on “

  1. Alec Couros (@courosa) says:

    I appreciate that you are posting things like this and the poem (as your last post), but remember to bring in more about what’s happening with the class and the overall edtech focus. We need to see posts that will better reflect your comprehension of the course material and the integration of technology in the classroom. Posts should reflect that.


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