Remind Students and Parents…



So this week while I was exploring my twitter I came across a great app called Remind.

This is a really neat app that allows teachers to interact with their students and their parents.  This is a great way for teachers to notify their students and their parents  with important messages. It’s a very beneficial app for parents to keep up with what is going on in child’s classes.

This app is amazing due to the fact that parents can either receive notifications through email or text messages. It is also great for teachers in the fact that you can schedule a message to be sent say on the first day of school and not have to worry about it. This is very handy since we all know how busy the lives of teachers can get.

I personally think this is a very neat way for teachers to communicate with their students and their parents. It also is a great way of manipulating technology in the classroom.

If you want to see how Remind truly works and just how great it is check it out!


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