The Enchanted Snow Queen!

Well through the busy month of October I had time to put my new learning experience to the test. That test was creating part of my halloween costume. For Halloween I chose to be the Snow Queen. My idea for this came from an inspiration from a youtube video I seen last year for an Ice Queen. So I switched up a couple parts of the makeup look and created a fabulous costume to go with my Snow Queen look. This is by far one of my favourite costumes ever. Creating this amazing Snow Queen look was so fun and let me tell you all the trick or treaters loved it.

The part of the costume that I created was the skirt. Which was just A LOT of tulle and it surprisingly didn’t take as long as I imagined it would. I paired the skirt with a sparkly top I found a couple months earlier. Oh, did I mention I was planning this costume since last Halloween? haha

I thought this was such a great costume for me because I absolutely love winter. The snow is my absolutely favourite part because each snow flake is beautiful in its own individual way. I think I can see myself dressing up as this again in the future. Since I always have my costume picked out a year a head you’ll have to wait and wonder what I will be for Halloween 2015;)

Let me know what your thoughts are on my Snow Queen:)



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