To Dream Is To Live…



My Dreams For My Future Classroom:

1. Firstly I dream to have iPads for each of my students. This iPad would benefit each student in all their subjects. This would be great for students to keep up with classes outside of school using Edmodo or Classkick. Edmodo and Classkick would also benefit the parents of the students to keep them up to date with what going on in child’s classes. Most importantly is it would make it easy for teacher student interaction. This would be a great start to a paper free classroom.

2. Incorporating apps. I would find apps that students could use in different subject areas. This would allow students to learn in new ways rather than just a simply pencil on paper manner. Students would be able to explore learning in new ways threw educational apps.

3. I dream to have a classroom that is colourful and welcoming to all my students. A place that lights up students eyes as they walk in. A place where they can create and make their own dreams come to life. A place that is exciting to students. Rather than the typical classrooms I went to school in with white walls, and barely any colour.


To be continued…


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