Final Step! Or Final Snips!

Well this last week I think it’s safe to say that I spent a good day on this final step of my blanket! Ugh this was by far the worst part of my whole learning experience. But also the best and most exciting because I get to see the final result of my quilt.

The final part of my quilt was to make snips in all the seams. This was such a tedious part of the whole project and never mind the pain I encountered from cutting with my scissors.

Not only did I have to cut snips in all the seams but I also had to make sure that I cut off all the loose threads. Once the threads had been snipped along with the seams I saw this…


This blanket is absolutely beautiful and I am actually flabbergasted that I even created something this nice from my first real sewing project. Who would of thought I had it in me to create this beautiful quilt! Not me. But guess I shouldn’t doubt myself! It’s amazing what one can create with some time and effort put into it

Now my final decision is what to do with this beautiful quilt! Decisions Decisions….



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