I’m Sew Very Close…

So its the day before my quilt is to be finished and I am on my final step. I’m so close to being done but yet so far. I am on one of the final stage of my quilt. I have to sew the long strips of squares together not only that but I have to also put stuffing in each of the little squares I have made. While trying to keep my stuffing in each square while sewing another strip together. I was so close but yet so far to being done.

This was definitely a lengthy process and I could see that it was starting to look like a real quilt. But as I was sewing I became so discouraged. Even though it was starting to look like a quilt it was looking like a terrible quilt. It seemed as if the seams were not lining up and that each row was going to be crooked. But as I got closer to the end it started to look hopeful. Once I finished the last stitch is when I realized it was all going to work out.

I am excited that after this I have one final step and my quilt will be complete. This process took me a around 4 hours to finish all together today, but once I finished it looked like a quilt!

Check out the process I went through with sewing my row together:)


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