Not So Typical

This class was not like our typical university classes. Well I guess it never really is. This class provides many teaching strategies. ESST 310 always allows for student led classes. We are always given a guide on what were are supposed to do but the rest lays in our hands. We create our learning. We also have a lot of time for reflection. We are given questions that help provoke our thoughts; which results in a deeper thinking.

During this class I never feel as if just one person has the power. But rather someone who is there to guide us in the right direction. Its almost as if we led the classes ourselves and but have someone to keep us on the right tracks.

I enjoy that we are allowed the opportunity as a class to work within groups. This allows us to get other perspectives and hear comments and suggestions about our own thoughts and ideas. I found that in this class you can tell which groups of people will sit together. Majority usually sit with the same group of peers each class. I’ll admit I am guilty for this. It is not because I am not willing to sit with others, its that I have established a sense of safety within this particular group. I feel as if I can speak whats on my mind without the fear of being judged. If we were assigned to sit with different people It would take a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone and feel comfortable speaking about specific topics in class. The power and authority would shift in new groups because there is a clean slate and there isn’t that simple sense of who will be doing what. You have to establish new roles amongst the members. Like who will speak when we rejoin as a group, who will record the date we have etc.

I really enjoyed how with the role of power and authority was equal amongst everyone in the class when we created our rubric for our presentations. This allowed us to have a opinion of what we should be marked and allows for us to have a better understanding of what is expected of us. It made me feel more confident in preparing for my presentation because parts of the rubric we’re based on things that I found were important. Where a rubric that is traditionally just created by the teacher doesn’t always have the same views of students.

I overall think this is a great class that allows for a new kind of learning experience. With majority of the classes being students led and the opportunity to work in groups it my opens your mind to another way of teaching. It helps me understand the benefit or equal power and authority amongst the class. The students are given the power to lead themselves in new learnings but understand that the teacher still withholds the authority amongst the class.

I look forward to what next class has in store:)


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