Understanding Outcomes-PA2.1

Well I may just finally be getting the hang of this whole lesson planning thing as I have had to plan quite a few so far into this semester. For me I always want to have an engaging set; something that will grab my students attention and pull them into the particular topic we will be learning about. Sometimes I find myself struggling to do this particularly. But thankful I was paired with a Miss. Stauch to collaborate with. So we got together to try and figure out how we were going to go about creating an understanding for this.

We first got together and talked about what we knew about leaders and how we could make connections between our learners and our content. We decided that it would be best for us to come up with a mini lesson discussing our particular outcome.

The outcome that our lesson fell under was  PA2.1-analyze how decisions are made within the local community. Miss. Stauch and myself found that this was a great opportunity to bring in members from an indigenous community. What a great way to learn about some leaders within their community along how they value and make decisions. We decided to begin by talking to our students about who leaders are and what makes a leader. It important to make sure that the students can relate to leaders such as using their teachers, sports coach, and parents as examples. Getting students to think about what community those particular leaders come from is a great way to relate the material to them.

We thought it would be important for our students to hear from an actual leader from that community so we discussed bringing in an elder to talk about how they make decisions within their community would be beneficial for the students. This gives the students an inside look into how they make decisions. But before we brought our elder in we thought reading a short story about unity within the indigenous community would be a great way to get them prepared for our visit from our elder.

This is a lesson that helps the learners to understand our particular outcome; analyze how decision are made within the local community. We have also provided additional resources that help support the three outcome for PA2.

Miss. Stauch and myself had a great experience creating this mini lesson along with  finding valuable resources that help understand our outcome.

PA2.1-Understanding Outcomes


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