October 10th: Outcome Understanding

This week in class we were all brought together to present our first assignment on Understanding Outcomes. We were all asked to get into pairs and a choose an outcome to help the class understand what it exactly meant. We were asked to provide resources that would help our students understand what we were trying to teach them. To provide our class with a fun activity that helped them get across the idea of what our outcomes meant exactly.

I unfortunately was not able to make it to this class but I had some great friends fill me in on what I missed. I am going to write about one thing in particular I seen on our class blog. It was the building of tipis with pretzels and tortilla wraps. This took my by surprise because there is such a significance behind the building of tipis. I’ve learnt this in many of my classes and workshops. If I do recall there is a significance behind each pole and that a meaningful ceremony happens during the building of a tipi.

I do believe that integrating Treaty Ed into your lessons can be frustrating because you do not want to disrespect anyone or make a mistake. But the truth is you are going to make mistakes and that ok. It’s a learning process.


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