7 Lessons Later

The time has come and I had to say goodbye to the grade twos and threes that I have become so attached to. My pre-intern experience has coming to an end for the semester. I have come to be so fond of each and everyone of the students and their very different personalities.

I have learnt so much over the course of my pre-internship and cannot wait to get back into the classroom and further my knowledge! I learnt a lot about myself over the period of teaching seven lessons. I noticed how much I improved comparing to my first lesson to my last. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my teaching style and also a lot about how truly unique and different each students learning styles are.

Looking at my very first lesson I had no idea what to expect, I was going in blind. I didn’t know how long my particular activity should take or how to even manage a class. I didn’t know where I should draw the line in being to nice to the students and too stern with the students. But as the weeks went by I slowly improved on my Professional Development Goals from time management to withitness and making sure I had work for the students to do incase some finished their assignment/activity sooner. I learnt a lot about way I need to adapt certain parts of my lesson to meet the learning styles of different students. I definitely learnt how to think on my feet.

Not only did I learn a lot from myself but I also learnt a lot from my coop teacher Mrs. C. She is such an inspiration teacher; I couldn’t have been luckier to work under her. She was great at allowing me to teach the way I wanted to teach (with guidelines of course). Mrs. C gave exceptional criticism back that helped me develop my next lessons. She was always so encouraging and gave great suggestions on ways I could better my lessons in the future. She made helpful suggestions in our morning meeting that prepared me even more for my teachings that day. She has taught me so much about the kind of teacher I want to be.

The students in this class are absolutely amazing. They are each so unique and all have such an excitement for learning. The students really taught me just as much as I taught them. They showed me that its ok for me to make mistakes because everyone makes mistakes. Its about being able to admit that you made a mistake that matters. They helped me see that I need to be confident in what I am teaching and not stress about if I am following my lesson exactly to a T; because they don’t know what I have written in my lesson plan. They are just there and ready to learn. The students shows me that if you spend a little time with each and everyone you will see just what kind of learner they are. That the boy who is always fooling around and distracting the other students is actually exceptionally intelligent; he’s just not being challenged enough. That the little boy who has difficult getting started on his assignments may not have the best home life. Thats why its truly important to take the time and get to know each and everyone of the students. Just because the boy who is fooling around and distracting the other kids doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get the work and doesn’t care. You truly need to understand your students.

Overall I would say that this learning experience has been one that I will never forget. I mean I taught my first lesson ever to a group of grade twos and threes who I was intimidated by. When it turns out they are so amazing and carefree that they were just excited to have me there and tell me they “always look forward to Miss. Russell teaching”. I am proud of myself and the transformation I have made over these seven lessons. I am proud of the way I finished my pre-internship in less than two weeks while I was in the final stages of my pregnancy. But that just showed me that with determination and your heart in the right place you can do anything.

I am excited to get back into the classroom and teach; but I will have some time to wait since I recently just welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Bennett into this world:)


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