Technology Driven

When I used to think of teachers including technology into the classroom it frightened me. I mean I hated technology because if you forgot to save it was gone; lost forever in a world unknown. But that all changed when I graduated and continued on to univeristy  three and half years ago.

I was introduced to a world of new possibilities. Not only just for teachers but also for students. There are a so many wonderful ways to allow students to incorporate technology into their learning.  So I guess now I am totally for including technology into the classroom.

I believe that technology allows for a whole new style of learning. It allows students to communicate with others outside of the classroom. Allowing them to build a digital citizenship along with a digital identity. It also allows for communication between the teacher and students outside the classrooms and for parents to be included  as well.

I have yet had the opportunity to bring technology into the classroom since I am still a little fearful of the idea. I guess I’m still fearful of not knowing everything about the specific piece I bring in. But the truth is I have come to learn that it is ok to not fully understand how the particular piece of technology works. Just like the students are going to learn about it so can you! You will learn hand in hand with them as you discover this new world inside a certain piece of technology.

When I have the chance to go back into the classroom thesauri some way I plan to integrating technology into the classroom. Some of them being Remind, BuzzMob, Classdojo, Planboard, Gonoodle, TellagamiKahoot and so many more. I truly believe that intergrating technology into the classroom make it a lot more fun.



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