After reading the title you’re  probably wonder now what dimpatient means. Well it means dim + impatient. It’s just a little something I saw while I was sitting at home the other night watching tv. This is something I seem to do a lot of lightly being a new mom and all. But as sat there watching tv a commercial came on and I was immediately engaged in what it was talking about. It was a Snicker commercial that I thought fit quite well in to creating a profession digital identity.

It was a young man applying for a job and in his case he did everything you shouldn’t do at an interview. He was showing his wasted weekend away in Cancun, his very flattering mug shot along with a picture he doesn’t even remember taking(alcohol may have been a factor)! But as he goes on to say that “I know I wanted to show you how proficient I am in social media”. This made me laugh.

I think I found it so funny but at the same time enlightening because so many kids/ young adults do full understand how what they post on the internet now may come back to haunt them in their later lives. It just simply goes to show that anything you post on the internet is not private and if you wouldn’t want your boss looking at something you probably shouldn’t be posting it on the Internet.

I see so many young girl and boys posting very inappropriate pictures/ status on their Facebook and Instagram. When in this day and age you have to be careful because with one quick search of your name your past comes up; not just the good but also the bad.

I mean I know I for one am guilty of posting status that were inappropriate as a young teenager but I think back then we didn’t know the importance of the Internet and how your digital identity can effect you. I’m not making excuses but in this day and age digital identity is something that is very commonly talked about since ever one and their five year old has a cellphone students should understand the risk they purpose when posting something.

It’s very simple to avoid negative digital identity. Just ask yourself what if my mother saw this!!!

Check out the Snickers commercial that caught my attention!

I see young boys/girls posting inappropriate things on the internet and I some times wonder how I should go about telling them the right way to use social media. I always know the point I want to get across in my head but I seem to have a hard time communicating that to these young boys and girls.

How do you give advice to people who are unaware of how their digital identity will affect them in their later lives?




One thought on “Dimpatient…

  1. whitneyczerwonka9 says:

    I remember all my previous teachers saying that what you put online can effect you later on in your career. That’s why they stressed so much of us either having a private account or not posting crazy things that happened on the weekend. Most of us never paid any attention to it but now that we are begin our careers I see my posts in a more professional manner. I think in order to have students be able to relate to this, stories about how it actually happen normally helps them understand that it’s no joke. Also, having students search their name to see what pops up helps them visually see how they are being represented. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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