Saving The Trees One Card At A Time:)


Photo by Teaching Learns with Multiple Needs

Photo by Teaching Learns with Multiple Needs

While scrolling through my feedly I found a story labeled iCardSort. It is basically an app used for sorting cards. Since I am always looking for new ways to conserve paper I thought this was defiantly something I needed to look into.

Teaching Learners With Multiple Needs writes about the endless ways to use iCardSort. You can have students sorting their numbers, arranging the alphabet in the correct order and so much more. It allows for students to learn without using a bunch of paper.

It talks about some of the features it offers like Public Decks which is simply a place where you can find other decks others have created. I also really like how this app allows you to share your deck with someone else as long as they have the app and an iPad.

I think it would be really fun to play around with this app but I don’t think i’ll be purchasing this soon since it is $10. But if you have a classroom of young children I think this would be a great app to invest in!

Check out a quick video of the possibilities this app allows!

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