No More Love Letters<3

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As I sit here with my eyes glued to my cellphone I turn and see a piece of paper and pen near me I wonder when the last time it was I actually wrote something down on paper. I mean actually took the time to express myself through the art of writing.
I mean who would ever think to make a grocery list or journal entry or write a thoughtful letter to someone on paper in the text crazed world? I mean there is an app out there for almost everything and anything. The need for a good old school piece of paper and pen almost seem RIDICULOUS! I mean you don’t even need a pen and paper to sign your name on some legal documents; you can do it all on an iPad now. Paper and pen are almost becoming unnecessary.

I mean turn back the clock to 2007 and me and my girlfriends were passing notes to one another, asking the boys if they liked us “if you like me circle yes or no”! Now it’s asking them through Snapchat, Facebook or iMessager or some hyped up app at the moment.
I mean now a days people are becoming to lazy to actually spell words I mean “tbh” this is absurd. I mean call me guilty I do it all the time. I’m always looking for ways to get things done faster so I’ll take the short cut. But “tbh” have we seriously become to lazy to simply spell out the words to be honest?

A close friend and I vowed to each other that we were going to be pen pals starting January 1, 2016. That we’d try to write a letter to each other two times a month. I mean actually sitting down and taking the time out of our crazy lives to communicate with one another. Let me tell you she’s is one of my best friend and I thought I knew a lot about her before we started writing (we talked pretty regularly via texting) but as we sent a a total of 6 letter back and forth to date I realized that I didn’t know my best friend as well as I thought.

Yeah sure you’re probably thinking well I’ll just send an email. But honestly it’s just not the same. Once that pen hits the paper the words just kind of flow out of you like a fountain. You speak what’s on your mind and how you feel and what your curious about and there are  no distractions. It’s personal, that’s all I can really say. It’s something that you’ll cherish and keep in a memory box and look back on it one day unlike and email that can always just get deleted. Letters are simply just thoughtful because they take a lot of time and energy to express yourself.

Ask yourself “when’s the last time I got excited about an email”? I bet never(I dread the little red number)! But on the other hand who doesn’t like receiving mail (something other than bills. No one likes those haha)? I know I do ! I kinda get a little excited and can’t wait to rush in and read it. It’s so unexpected! It almost makes me feel as if for a brief moment I am not longer living in this text crazed world.

Sometimes I find myself wishing that we had no form of technology to communicate other than letters for the mere reason of instead of having millions of text messages from your lover you have a box full of love letter. Letters that really let you see a side of someone I don’t think texting ever will. Not to mention the amazing keepsake that you can look back on when the years have passed and you have grown old together.

So maybe just maybe you’ll  block out sometime in your crazy schedule and write a letter to someone. Because unlike and email letters will outlive you and their is no password required to opening them.

Just take a minute to ask yourself;

What would I do if we lost all form of communication through technology?

When was the last time I took the time to sit down with a pen and paper and just write?


One thought on “No More Love Letters<3

  1. harderkylie says:

    This is a very interesting topic. I think that everyone is so caught up on being busy that we sometimes forget about how important the little things are. I don’t remember the last time I sent a letter, but when I write papers for school I often to a rough draft with pen and paper. I agree that pen and paper is different than sitting down to type. I like your point of how exciting getting mail is and I may have to try it our with some of my friends. I like your idea of having a pen pal with your best friend. Thanks for sharing.


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