Once Upon A Time


Thomas Kinkade Disney Paintings Wallpaper

Welcome to a world that has endless possibilities. A world that allows you to tell stories not verbally but over the phone, FaceTime, through drawing, painting and my new favourite digital storytelling.

Digital story telling is a whole new exciting way to tell someone your story. It starts by someone simply putting their story into multimedia movies that include things from photos, videos, animation etc.  You can even allow it to be done by integrating your voice over the the story.

I have always loved story and as a education students in K-5 so I know that students share the same love for stories! Stories are not only fun but they can be a great way to help get  a message across to students, help them learn about a particular subject and/or topic. Not only can the students learn from them but they can create their own.  I would love to use digital story telling in many of my classes (art,science, social, english, etc.) because it would allow students to portray their thoughts or what they have learned in the specific course.

I guess a drawback that you would have to keep in mind is that you would have to allow the students enough class time to capture their photos, videos and voice to complete the story, since I don’t believe in giving homework! Another may be that you are going to need a lot of devices if students are going to create a story individually or with partners. Another is what if you didn’t have access to these kinds of devices in your school?

I think digital storytelling is great for teaching students about digital literacy because students may come into this world of digital storytelling not fully understanding how to use it but the part to  remember is that they can learn and explore as they move through their creative process. Digital access is another one that students would learn from digital storytelling because if the school doesn’t have enough devices for everyone they may have to share. Students would then understand that not all students are fortunate enough to have access to these great devices and tools.

When I think of where this can fit into the SMAR model I see it fitting into modification because we are taking your tradition piece of paper and modifying it into something completely new which is creating a digital story.

If you are interested exploring the wonderful world of digital storytelling make sure to check them out!

Here is a great video on how one teacher used digital storytelling in her class:

Have you ever used digital storytelling in your classroom? Do  you have a favourite app/tool for digital storytelling? Let me know your thoughts:)


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