To App or Nap?



On November 2, 2015 I welcomed my first baby into this world. Ever since then i’ve found myself come across many questions and majority of them have to do with technology. I mean do I or don’t I post an announcement picture on Facebook (which I did)? If I don’t well its almost a guarantee that someone else is going to. I mean what do I make people sign a waver that they won’t post pictures of my precious son on social media?! I doubt it.

All kinds of questions arose for me around my child’s identity and social media. I mean I know he’s just over four months old right now but I already see signs of him being oddly obsessed with my iPad/iPhone/TV. Perhaps it is just a coincident or perhaps our offspring are just being programmed to have an urge to use technology. Im not sure but I find myself struggling with the question of when am I going to allow my son to have time on the iPad/TV/video games? Do I give him unlimited time if he’s playing educational games or do I limit his time to a few hours a day?

Well I came across and article on my Feedly that intrigued me “Children and Technology: should small kids be encouraged to use tablets and computers?” Well let me tell you this article stated some great points that i’m sure most parents are guilty of time to time again. Either it be entertaining your child while they eat their food, or while you’re out and about; whatever it may be the children have the ability to get their hands on a devices one way or another.

This article also stated something I was a little bit torn with; like that kids “…familiarize themselves with animals and plants they would not have the opportunity to see in their regular lives.” I think that in some cases this may be true but whatever happened to going outside and exploring some of these plants/animals or picking up a good informational book. I mean I guess I have to take into consideration that some kids (urban kids) don’t have the ability to go outside and see different animals and plants like rural kids do. I guess you could go as far to say that I not fully sold on the whole technology is our future. I am still a strong believer in books, and paper and exploring the many wonders the world has to offer us.

I guess all in all I am somewhere in the middle between encouraging kids to use technology. Id say in the middle because I agree its important since we live in a technology driven world, but I also think it is more beneficial to get out of the house and learn about new things rather than doing it all on a device. Or even just going to the library and picking up an informative book about something you are interested in.

So this article closes with a question that you can vote on at the end (so go and vote!!!) asking:

Should small children be encouraged to use tablets and computers?

Let me know your reasoning behind this question:)


One thought on “To App or Nap?

  1. whitneyczerwonka9 says:

    My sister recently had a baby as well and they decided that once everyone who needed to know such as family and close friends, then a post would be made for those weren’t as close to them but still needed to know. My family uses technology but only in moderation, when you are told to go outside you go and end up killing more hours than expected. However, I also don’t think it’s bad for them to use technology, but once again in moderation. There is so much for them to discover in the world but outside and through technology but mainly outside haha


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