To be, or not to be paperless? Is the question


Photo Credit: DanielJPHadley via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: DanielJPHadley via Compfight cc

I mean now a days it seems almost all new generation teachers are pushing towards not to be paperless. Or as you may have heard “the paperless classroom”. I mean we live in a world driven by technology and you see this being pushed into the classrooms more and more now days. With this big technology push in our classrooms many are coming across a tool referred to as Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is an amazing virtual classroom that allows you to be paperless. It’s amazing for teachers and students to communicate or for students to communicate with other students. It a great place for students to find announcements, the syllabus, getting in contact with the teacher or other students at anytime. It a great way for teachers/students to keep track of their work simply by seeing a green checkmark or red x. Google Classroom is simply a great tool to use for classroom management.

I think google classroom is on of my favourite tools since it is compatible with all google accounts and easily assessable. I find it very easy to manoeuvre around and use with many groups of students. It make life just a little bit easier for not only the teacher but the students.

Have you every experienced the google classroom? Used it in your classroom? I would love to hear if you have an negative thoughts or dislikes towards this tool! If you haven’t yet heard about google classroom let me know if it is something you would consider using in your class or what your questions are about it:)

If you are interested in learning a little more about google classrooms or get a look at what it looks like from a teacher perspective vs. a students than check out this Glogster  JennaKendra and I made along with  a very nice gentlemen who’s name I cannot not remember! We made this Glogster for our ECMP 355 class in 2014.


4 thoughts on “To be, or not to be paperless? Is the question

  1. Brea Nyhus says:

    I would love to use Google Classroom hopefully sometime in my teaching career. I don’t know if I will ever be able to go paperless, I do love to have a hard copy to look at and work with. But if all the notes are online then the students who want them right in front of them can print them off. I think it also teaches students to be more responsible for their own work. They can’t use the excuse that they “lost” their notes, that’s why they didn’t do the homework. It also helps teachers keep track of assignments. The only problem I have and it is not necessarily with Google Classrooms but technology in general is that there is no software that makes writing math equations simple. It is actually extremely complicated to figure out how to write out questions let alone show your work. How would you recommend using Google Classroom in a math setting? Or would you use it at all?


    • chelsruss says:

      That is a really good question Brea Nyhus. I’ve never actually thought of using it in math class since I usually steer clear of math. I am definitely going to look into finding a way to use google classroom within a math class. I understand how it can be extremely complicated to write math equations without a whiteboard app.

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  2. mskeller says:

    Great post on Google Classroom Chels, I also agree with Brea’s comment. That it would be hard for her to not have the paper copy in front of her because I also need a paper copy in front of me. I like the concept of Google Classroom but I think it would be something you needed to get used to before actually implementing it in a classroom. Thanks for the post 🙂


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