Can you Take The Plunge?


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Photo Credit: Ignitor Digital

Was there ever a time when social media was used for connecting and learning new things and not bragging. I mean is it just me or does it seem that everyone is only on social media to brag about what they have? At times while I scroll through my social media pages it seems like everyone is looking for a pat on the back (a like or comment) on how well they are doing at the gym, or that they got a new car, ring, house etc. Perhaps this is why people are more likely to become depressed when being a frequent social media user.

Social media allows for a fake reality where it is easy to lie and only portray the good aspect of your life rather than the bad. I mean you don’t see people very often putting on Facebook like “I’m having a really bad day today I got yelled at by my boss; then I come home to find my boyfriend in bed with another women” no you wouldn’t see that but you will see “My boyfriends the sweetest and I love him” or “I just picked myself up this new tv and surround sound #blessed #bejealous”. Trust me I’ve seen it more times than I can count. People think that a particular individual has the best life and they get everything they want and their boyfriends seems so romantic because thats what they want you to see. But when in reality that individual may have everything in life but struggle with depression/anxiety and you may think their boyfriend is the greatest when in reality he has a drug addiction and she’s miserable and scared that people are going to think she’s not happy.

You can never believe what is put on the internet truly because people only put stuff on their they want you to know.

So do I think that social media is linked to some cases of depression? Most definitely!

I came across and article by Rebecca Joseph Frequent social media users nearly 3 times more likely to have depression: study. Joseph states that depression may be linked to social media due to the fact of  “highly idealized representations of peers,”. This confirmed like I said above that  you see what they want you to. Joseph talks about how many websites are now starting to help fight the battle against depression. Some sites like  Tumblr will interrupt to ask you if “everything is ok?” if one searches words such a suicide or depression and then continue to link you to crisis pages.

I think this is a really smart idea since many people may turn to the internet in times of need and a simple acknowledgement could help someone and even save a life.

Perhaps if you find yourself feel gloomy you may need to unplug. I know I for one have at times deleted all social media such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and surprising felt great. It was a feeling that I couldn’t remember having for along time. The feeling of not caring if so and so got this or what they were up to or what they did today. Being oblivious to everything unless someone actually wanted me to know.

So ECMP 355/455 instead of a fitness challenge I challenge you to take the unplug challenge. Unplug from all social media for one whole week and see how you feel. Record your thoughts before and during , and see how your thoughts during differ from your thoughts before you took the plunge.





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