Professional Philosophy of Education

When I think of an ideal classroom three words come to my mind.
Inclusive, respect and protection. That is why I see my classroom as a place that should have all of the followings

I believe in establishing and maintaining a safe, welcoming, and inclusive envisionment. I will do this by modeling for students what respect and acceptance look’s like for all students.

I believe in an interactive classroom. It is important that I engage students to have a dialogue with not only their peers but also myself. I will welcome diverse opinions throughout my teaching methods.

I believe that it is important to teach by example. I want my students to follow routines; therefore as their teacher, I will stick to the classroom routine that was co-created between students and myself. This will help students establish familiar habits. I will always be well prepared because I believe in organization.

As a new teacher, I am very open to any suggestions and advice. I believe that I should always be growing and learning with my students. I believe that when students open their hearts this is when true learning begins.

I believe that all students deserve a teacher who believes in their potential. Therefore I will be adapting my teachings to help each of my students succeed. I will encourage each of my students and help them see their potential of learning.

I believe in bring creativity into the curriculum. When creativity is brought into the classroom it makes the learning so much more engaging and inspiring.

I strive to make an environment that all families and students from different cultural background feel welcomed and accepted. It is important that my classroom is anti-oppressive.

I believe in incorporating the interests of students into their learning. It is important that students are interested in the learning. I believe that when students are interested in what they are learning they have the ability to engage in higher learning.

I believe in the use of technology in the classroom. I think it is important for students to understand how to use the technology safely and see all the possibilities it has it offer.

I believe that it is important to have a close relationship with each of the students and their families. I believe it is important for students families to be engaged in their learning.


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